Saturday, April 30, 2016

//Thomas & Matthew//

I think I mentioned before that I love photograph children.
Dawn, Thomas and Matthew's mom asked me, 
"isn't it better to photograph a wedding than children?"
 I said, 
"no! photograph a wedding is an all day event. Plus you have to carry  heavy equipment. Unlike photograph children - the photographer just have to follow them around and just keep taking picture if they do not want to pose."

You can not go wrong try to capture the moment of young kids. They are the most adorable subject to capture with your camera. Perhaps because children does not try hard to pose - they do not care for being photographed. All they want is to play, making silly face, and having a good time. And that is what I tried to capture 'two brothers playing and having fun' hoping one day when they grow older that they can look at these pictures of moments that bond two brothers.

This time we shot at a state park called Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in Oyster Bay (here).

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  1. You really can't beat the food at this place; they have the best vegetarian meals and the most adorable dishes for the kids. The service at venues in NYC also was impeccable. The salad I had for dinner was delicious as well as the scallop appetizer. The main course of filet mignon and dessert soufflé was also awesome!


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